It has been a big year for us at GfK: Morten Boyer #RadioAlive2019

“Change in audio measurement has gathered pace in recent years,” Morten Boyer told delegates at Radio Alive 2019.

He updated the radio industry on the progress of the ‘super pilot’ in the evolution of radio ratings in Australia.

“It’s a single source methodology where people fill in a diary, get an app on their smart phones and wear a smart watch to give us various forms of data, so we can develop a new way of ratings for the radio industry.”

The pilot has over 4000 respondents and has captured 1 million hours of listening data.

One tonne of equipment has been brought to Australia to facilitate the pilot.

The next steps are to consult with advertisers and the industry so that a final model will be developed.

“The enagement and entertainment value of your talent is huge, we have a responsibility to capture that for you,” he said.

In the following session David Shing talked about the 4th industrial revolution, which is upon us now. The revolution is based on intelligence and disruption.

“The internet is full of misery and sport… there is a lack of trust and there is a chasm we need to cross now, we have to customise and humanise our content to 50% of humans who have never known life without the internet.”

“If you;re a brand today you have to think about: Publishers, Robots, Agencies, Consultants, Brands… 

“Technology has changed our behaviour, but not our needs. If you can understand the human need and connect with humans, half the job is done.”

Shingy talked about Marketing’s classic 4Ps, then replaced them with a new 4Ps: Platform, Partnership, Pedigree and Performance.



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