It’s all about being live and local at Grant Broadcasters

Grant Broadcasters has put out feelers for a range of multi-skilled and multi-talented people for the network’s markets around Australia.

Group Director David Rogerson explains.
“Three years ago Grant Broadcasters directors made a strategic decision  to move  us away from being a radio company to being a wider media company. That meant we moved to focussing even more on the local aspects of our program content in all of our markets across Australia from on line, to social media, Local news, information and of course what we do on air to entertain and inform our listeners.    

We’ve increased our commitment to being the local media portal for all things about the local aspects in every market we operate in across Australia. The recent addition of “Tassie Talks” with Brian Carlton out of Launceston is a good example of this. Our philosophy has always been to grow our own people and promote internally whenever we can. It’s timely now  to add to the level of internal strengths  with wider  ranging skills that maybe outside of the group. This will help us continue with growing the local focus strategy into and beyond 2016.”

The GD says being live and local is important.
“…very important – listeners depend on radio to be their local link in times of emergencies like bushfires, as well as their local point of engagement for news and information and generally what’s going on in their community . In the digital world we live in, that local contact  is not just what comes out of the speakers, but of course how we use our local content resources to inform via social media, on line and so on.”
What attributes does the company look for in an employee?
“That really depends on the area of our operations – but in the content and programming side we’re after creativity, excellent leadership skills, ability to think outside the square, and overall people who see media as a future career path for themselves.”
 And there are a variety of roles to fill.
“We’re interested in hearing from people with a wide range of skills including programming and content managers, digital writers, on air content, promotions and marketing and strong audio production … really the full range with a focus on understanding how to engage local and regional audiences.” 
If you are thinking of getting your career started or stepping up to something new in 2016, David says the future of radio is very strong.
“… regardless of whether it’s regional or capital city we’re still the medium of choice for people to start their day and on top of that each week we reach a huge percentage of Australians.  That’s good news for listeners and of course advertisers wanting to touch everyone from the largest to the smallest markets each and every day.”  

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