It’s all my fault… I’m sorry: Jacintha Saldanha’s email to colleague

Day two of the inquest into Jacintha Saldanha’s death has heard that the nurse blamed herself for putting the prank call through to the Duchess of Cambridge’s hospital ward.

In an email to her colleague, Ms Saldanha said:

“It’s all my fault, I feel very bad about this to get you involved. If there is anything I can do to mend this I would do it…

“I accept the fault was mine, I should have checked before I gave the call to you.”

Our reporter at the inquest says the second nurse, who gave details of Kate Middleton’s condition, believed she was speaking to the Queen, but started to feel nervous when the caller talked to a male voice about taking the corgis for a walk.

“This seemed inappropriate… I replaced the handset and looked directly at Jacintha and said there was something wrong with the phone call.”

Ms Saldanha’s husband broke down in tears when giving his evidence. He said Ms Saldanha had never suffered from psychological problems or tried to harm herself. An application to give evidence from Mel Greig was rejected.

Hear the full report of today’s court proceedings from our reporter Lorraine Horgan.

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