It’s been a big day for… Goat

Like the world needs more popular culture podcasts… like, because there’s not enough out there.

Nova Entertainment’s GOAT has launched another one.

“There’s nothing worse than reading words with your eyes but what!! if!! you could just HEAR the words.

“Not saying we invented the concept of podcasts but like, we’re defs on the forefront of innovation,” writes Nova on the launch page for the new podcast, reflecting Goat’s contemporary writing style.

The Goat brand aims to talk to its young pop culture vultures in their own words, and the podcast intends to do thne same.

The idea behind the daily podcast is to deliver the GOAT take on the biggest pop culture news of the day, “but instead of taking the easy way in, we’re in the biz of sneaking through the side door.”

It’s Been A Big Day For… is hosted by GOAT’s very own writers and content creators. The podcast will cover the biggest stories of the day every day, trying to look at the info differently and find the take-less-travelled in a daily ten minute episode.

Yesterday’s podcast discussed the rebirth of James Dean, via CGI, for a new movie.

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