It’s Global Beatles Day

See James Corden cry as Paul McCartney sings Let it Be. 

Paul McCartney recently joined British TV presenter and comedian James Corden for the latest version of Carpool Karaoke, a segment in which celebrities jump in a car with Corden and have a bit of a singalong. 

The latest installment features McCartney telling the story of being visited in a dream by his late mother, who advised him that things would be all right, and to let it be.

McCartney wrote the song “Let It Be” as a result, and as he and Corden finished singing along to it in the car, Corden was wiping away tears.

The pair travelled through Liverpool, chatting and singing Beatles songs, finally descending on a local Liverpool pub, where McCartney stunned the unsuspecting pub patrons with a five-song set, including ‘A Hard Day’s Night’.

Happy Beatles Day. 


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