It’s hit91.9 on top in Bendigo: Xtra Insights

In the first survey for 3 years in Bendigo, hit91.9 Bendigo has become the station listened to most, up from 21.8 to 22.6.

Triple M Bendigo shed 5.6 overall to drop down to 20.1, but still a long way in from of third placed ABC Central Victoria, down 2.1 to 9.2.

Gold Central Victoria remains a long way back with 6.8.

The story was much the same in Breakfast with Tim & Jess (hit) making a slight gain of 0.7 to 22.9, in front of Cogho & Kylie (Triple M) who were down 5.6 on the last survey to 20.4.

Very respectable numbers in the Cumes where Triple M leads with 62,500 from hit’s 59,400, while the ABC has 28,900.

SCA Head of Content – Regional, Blair Woodcock, says, “What a great result for the entire Bendigo team! Not only a solid result for Tim and Jess on Hit Victoria Breakfast scoring the #1 station listened to most in Bendigo, but what a welcome to Hit91.9 for Bendigo’s newest local and Mornings announcer, Aimee Craig. Speaking of local, you couldn’t ask for a more meaningful show that is Cogho and Kylie on 93.5 Triple M.
“This amazing duo have again scored #1 Breakfast how for over 40s by creating entertaining and engaging local content for their audience. The entire team will be celebrating today!”