JACK fm begins broadcasting across Oxfordshire UK

JACK-fm Oxfordshire launched on 106.8 and 106.4 FM today in the UK.

It is a radio station “unlike any other in the UK.” Locally produced and programmed the station will give local listeners what they’ve always said they wanted; a massive selection of music from a playlist that features all the best music from the past four decades, rather than just the same tired top 20 songs being played over and over and over again.

Within a matter of weeks The Flying Jack will be taking to the Oxfordshire skies every morning to provide the most accurate, comprehensive and up to date traffic reports for Oxfordshire’s motorists.

The breakthrough in traffic & travel reporting is the result of a pioneering partnership between JACK fm, Global Traffic Network and Guy Salmon Jaguar Oxford. GTN provide airborne traffic reports to every major city in Australia and now they’ve chosen JACKfm Oxfordshire to be their partner as they make their first entry into the UK market.

“The Flying Jack will take off every morning and afternoon from Oxford Airport to give us a bird’s eye view of the traffic hotspots. From the M40, to the A34 and as far as the M25, all of the county’s major roads will be on JACK fm’s radar,” says the station.

The Flying JACK will be in the air by November.