Jackie O’s Honey Money is at the top of iTunes

KIIS 1065’s Kyle & Jackie O have released Jackie’s song ‘Honey Money’ – now available to purchase on iTunes, with all proceeds going to Drought Angels who provide personalised heartfelt assistance to farming families.

And just days after it’s release the song is already number 1 on the iTunes music chart.
It all started two weeks ago when Jackie made an off the cuff comment on air that she has always wanted to know if she could write a hit song so Kyle set her the challenge.

With a little help from  KIIS producer Kian Oliver (who also raps on the track) and producer/writers Ryan and Charlotte from AVALONiA, after only two days and just 90 minutes recording her vocals, Jackie and Kian unveiled ‘Honey Money’ on air.

Before the song finished playing everyone was up and dancing in the KIIS 1065 office and listeners called in to find out where they could hear it again.
A DJ even called in to say he was definitely going to be playing the song during one of his Saturday night sets.
While Jackie says she  never imagined anything more would come of the song after it aired on the show, she says she was pleased that it will now be helping farming families in need with all proceeds from sale of ‘Honey Money’ going to Drought Angels.
“It was all a bit of a joke actually to start with,” Jackie explained. “When we finished the song I took it home to play to my seven-year-old daughter Kitty. She is my harshest critic. To my amazement she actually loved it. She was so excited and thought her mum was actually cool and couldn’t wait to play it to her friends at school.”


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