Jailbroken: Three stories. Once locked but now free

Here are three articles you may have missed because they were locked. We’ve now unlocked them for your reading pleasure.

Can Alan Jones Really Bring Down a Government?

And is the Mic Mightier than the Pen?

In this article, originally published on February 8 this year, our first sentence read: Even without a GfK survey, there’s little doubt that Alan Jones has brought swarms of fresh listeners to the low rating 4BC in Brisbane. Obviously we were wrong. According to GfK’s Survey One, he hasn’t. Or if he has, they haven’t shown up in the survey book yet.

But the government was ousted and Jones is widely regarded as having played a pivotal part. In particular the vanquished Qld premier Campbell Newman and a few of his cohorts who have brought a defamation action against the broadcaster.


Neuroscience. It ain’t rocket surgery

Well, maybe it is a little. What happens is they sit a bunch of people in a darkened room and put a helmet-like apparatus on their heads.

They don’t get a Lightsaber though, which is a shame. It would make the experience far more exciting

The aim of this neuroscience project was to confirm what the marketing team already suspected; that listeners are more likely to absorb advertising messages they hear in the relaxing smoothfm environment than they would listening to other ‘noisier’ stations.


Radio tops new poll of American listening habits

Right answer. Wrong question writes Peter Saxon 

Fair dinkum! If I see one more article headed by a “clever” take on who or what, may or may not have killed the bloody Radio Star I’ll go spare.

At least, the latest headline to mangle that incessantly tortured song title means well. Streaming Hasn’t Killed the Radio Star proclaims an article in Quartz.

Well, that’s a comfort, isn’t it.

According to latest research from investment house Morgan Stanley, radio remains the favourite audio product among a sample of 2,016 US adults.