Jase and Lauren’s Melbourne street visit gets an unwelcome visitor

While out and about in Melbourne’s Kingston Heath Reserve, saying hey and giving away cash, including $10K to listeners Rachel and Maddie (pictured), Nova 100‘s Jase and Lauren plus news reader Clint Stanaway has an unexpected visit from the new Kyle and Jackie O bus.

This went down like a lead balloon with the duo commenting this morning:

Lauren: So to everyone who listens to this show, thank you so much. It’s not lost on us that without all of you, we wouldn’t get to do this awesome job that we get to do every morning. So thank you to everyone for coming down and saying hello.

Jase: Some people that weren’t invited. I just want to mention the bus quickly. There’s a giant Kyle and Jackie O bus going around Melbourne at the moment. And you know, like you said it’s not lost on us everyone coming down to say hey, we’re supporting you guys, we’ve come over to Nova with you

Lauren: It’s pretty poor form though to turn up to our event. I must say because, I mean, they fired us. We haven’t done anything wrong to them. They got rid of us, told us we weren’t good enough. And now they’re turning up to where we’re standing there with the people that love our show and listen to our show. And trying to sabotage, it’s a bit tasteless.

Lauren went on to say that some of the attendees offered to take matters into their own hands with Jase saying he thought the bus might end up on blocks.

On a much brighter note Rachel and Maddie were pretty tickled winners of $10K just for saying hey.



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