Jase & Lauren have left the building

The KIIS 101.1 breakfast team Jase & Lauren’s  abruptly left during Tuesday’s  show to get to their top-secret hideaway and are now officially in hiding.

Hide & Seek is a Melbourne wide game of the children’s playground favourite, where hosts Jase Hawkins and Lauren Phillips are hiding somewhere in Melbourne with $50,000 awaiting the first listener that finds them.

And already things are off to a rocky start with the pair already bickering, and listeners can expect a lot more will come up over the coming days.

Lauren – “Can you keep your voice down? It is very loud, we are trying to be inconspicuous. I thought I was the loud one. You are screaming.”

Lauren – “Please find us quickly Melbourne!”

Jase – “I don’t want to reveal too much, but let’s just say there were some people camped outside the KIIS building waiting to try catch us but we have not left through the front entrance and we have managed to get outside the KIIS studios.”