Jeff Allis is back with Austereo – but not in a way you could have predicted

Jeff Allis was one of Austereo’s (now SCA’s) most iconic Program Directors in a career that spanned 20 years with the company.  

Current Chief Creative Officer, Guy Dobson took over from him in 2005 when Allis left Austereo to co-found Boost Juice with his wife Janine

Back then the word “podcast” was yet to be invented but that’s how he’s reconnecting with the old firm, hosting a new podcast through Podcast One.

You might expect the podcast to be about radio, marketing, entrepreneurism or how to squeeze juice from oranges. In fact, it’s about horse racing.

Leading jockey Chris Symons and the “Strapper,” Jeff Allis promise to lift the lid on horse racing with the straight talking no-holds-barred podcast called The Stable

“I’ve worked really hard to make every mistake in horse racing you can make,” says Allis the “Strapper,” owner and breeder. “I would have made a lot more but this funny little jockey (Chris Symons) tried to save me from myself.”

The Stable aims to arm people with knowledge about the racing industry, so that they have the best chance of entering with their eyes wide open – so they avoid drinking beer and buying seven horses over the internet without ever having seen them – which is what Jeff did before he met Chris.

For the over 200,000 Australians who already have a share in a race horse, this 10 part podcast series features episodes including;  Why not to drink beer and buy horses, Syndication, The Trainer, Betting to Win and 20 questions you want to know but were too afraid to ask.

The Stable is available via or the app store.