Jim Morrison lives again

In January this year, after three years of high ratings on NXFM’s drive shift, Jim Morrison made an abrupt departure for his part in an on-air stunt that caused the newsreader to abandon his bulletin for fear that the building was on fire. Morrison’s part in the stunt was running down the corridor in front of the newsroom holding a fire extinguisher.

Morrison’s input as music director and high rating drive announcer was part of NXFM’s success.

The unpredictable nature of his presentation and humour won him a loyal fan base.

After three months in the wilderness Morrison returned to the airwaves of NEW FM just before this survey. Morrison has been on the 2- 6pm shift and has also taken on the role of Music Director.

The station’s press advertisements when Morrison joined the station caught the eye of many Newcastle Knights fans. His head was superimposed on to a Knight walking onto the field for a homegame at the Stadium. It read ‘Playing Now.’

Morrison says his on-air philosophy is “to entertain between the songs, rather than just give a timecall and play some ads.”

In this survey Morrison contributed to a 1.5 share point rise in the 2-4pm timeslot, but is yet to prove himself in the 4-6pm part of the program. His former station NXFM dropped 1.3 share points in the equivalent timeslot.