Newcastle Survey results

Newcastle Survey 2 has just been released. Best improver was KOFM, up by 0.6 share points to 19.6% overall, moving to first place. Stablemate NXFM dropped by the most in the survey, down 1.3 share points to 18.6%, slipping from its former first place position into second.

2HD followed closely behind NXFM, down 0.2 to 18.5%. NEW FM picked up 0.1 overall to 12.1%, followed by ABC 1233 on 8.8% (up 0.5) and Triple J on 6.5% (up 0.2).

Triple J and NXFM both lost listeners in the 18-24 demographic, which were picked up by NEW FM, perhaps as a result of recent presenter changes (See below). The gains were not across the baord at NEW FM however, with the 10-17 and 25-39 demographics both slipping. ABC 1233 picked up listeners in the 40-54 demographic (up 3.3), taking them away from rival talk station 2HD, which was down 3.8 share points in 40-54s.

There is a tight tussle for breakfast in the Newcastle market, 2HD and KOFM neck and neck with NXFM closely behind. This survey KOFM won breakfast on 21.2 (up 0.6), coming out ahead of 2HD, which dropped to 20.5 share points, down 1.0 from its former leading breakfast position. NEW FM was up by 1.5 share points in afternoons to 16.7%, but dropped by 1.3 in drive.

NXFM dropped share in all ‘at work’ timeslots, but was strong in evenings. 2HD benefitted from its weekend football coverage, up 1.7 share points on weekends. KOFM increased in mornings and afternoons, but was down in evenings. ABC1233 was up in most shifts, especially evenings, which increased by 1.6 to 11.8%. 2HD, KOFM and NXFM are all cumeing at 13,000 listeners per week. The figures are:

Station This Last
KOFM 19.6 19.0
NXFM 18.6 19.9
2HD 18.5 18.7
NEW FM 12.1 12.0
1233 ABC 8.8 8.3
2JJJ 6.5 6.3
ABC Classic FM 2.1 1.8

2RN 1.3 1.1
NewsRadio 1.0 0.7