Jimmy & Nath are attempting to Save the Wave on a Townsville road trip

On the Hit Network’s national Summer Drive show, radio duo Jimmy & Nath have embarked on a road trip this week to Save the Wave.

Jimmy Smith and Nath Roye are determined to know if drivers are still using the courtesy wave (aka – thank you wave) on the road, so in true Jimmy & Nath fashion, they are driving from Melbourne to Townsville to find out!

The boys are also calling on listeners to become ‘Wave Warriors’, to carry on the wave all across Australia.

Road trip schedule:

  • Monday 19th December – Melbourne
  • Tuesday 20th December – Sydney
  • Wednesday 21st December – Brisbane
  • Thursday 22nd December – Rockhampton
  • Friday 23rd December – Townsville

Tonight they will will stop at a Brisbane Bullets game  to get the crowd to do a Mexican Wave which they will then add to the Official Wave Tally.

So far on the trip a flag has been made to put on a listener’s personal flagpole overlooking the Hume Highway, and the owners of a pizza shop in Coffs Harbour are making a special ‘waving’ pizza.



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