Jimmy & Nath challenge Alex Peroni to a Granny Scooter Race

When Hit100.9’s Jimmy & Nath challenged Alex Peroni, a 19-year-old current Formula3 driver to the race, he was more than happy to wack on the helmet and put the pedal to the metal, to achieve 15kms an hour on a granny scooter.
Pulling up to Hobart’s Baskerville Raceway start line in full racing gear, Peroni, expected to be Australia’s next Formula1 star, was ready to put his skills normally saved for the tracks at Monaco, to the test and a  painful 15-minute race around the 2km racetrack saw a number of high intensity moments, near misses, cheating scandals and then finally, a fairy-tale victory for Australia’s Formula 3 champion.
Despite losing, Jimmy had other concerns on his mind and says, “I’m a little disappointed, but not because I lost… Because I thought we got to keep the Granny Scooter AFTER the race…”
Nath, coming in at second place was a little more gracious in defeat, “I’ll be honest it was just nice being in a vehicle that demands more respect and goes faster than my black hatchback.”




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