John Farnham: Finding the Voice breaking theatrical records

Released Mothers Day weekend into cinemas, John Farnham: Finding the Voice has sold more than $1.15 million in tickets sales making it the biggest theatrical Australian music documentary.

Writer and director Poppy Stockell’s goal was to create a legacy for old and new fans of Farnham. With Farnham’s close friend Olivia Newton-John and his long-time manager Glenn Wheatley both passing away last year, and Farnham himself undergoing surgery to remove a mouth tumour, there was an urgency to release the film and one that did his story justice.

Stockell told The Music Network,

“I had actually written in my book when I started the project that I wanted it to be the highest-grossing Australian documentary. I actually wrote that.

So that was my goal. And it’s not about money, it’s just about breaking a record because John had a lifetime of breaking records, so to do his story justice, I think we needed to break a few too.”

You can still catch John Farnham: Finding the Voice in cinemas.

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