John Kerr hangs up the headphones

John Kerr will do his last shift on air at 2UE on Sunday morning – ending a remarkable 56 years in the radio industry.


He’ll hang up the headphones for the last time at 0530 on Sunday and retire to the Gold Coast. 

The industry veteran has spent more than five decades in Australian radio– including 18 consecutive years behind the microphone at 2UE 954.

A special tribute dinner was held for John in Sydney last year and was attended by close friends and industry veterans.

John Kerr began his radio career in November 1957 working as an assistant on the Jack Davey nationally broadcast quiz Shows. He has worked in prime time slots across metropolitan and regional radio markets in Australia and overseas.

2UE General Manager, Chris Parker, said it was an honour to have worked alongside an industry legend like John Kerr.

“John’s had a career spanning more than five decades. His record speaks for itself,” Mr Parker said.

“John has reached a milestone few have achieved and can accurately be described as a true legend of Australian radio,” he said.

“His extensive career includes working on nationally broadcast quiz shows with the legendary Jack Davey to gracing the 2UE airwaves for a combined 23 years.

“John is an utter professional in everything that he does and has been informing and entertaining listeners for more than half a century.

“To have worked at the highest levels of broadcasting for as long as John has, is testament to his talent, expertise and skill as a radio professional.”  

John Kerr says that his passion for radio started the first time he tuned in to 2UE. 

“I am privileged to have spent nearly half of my working life behind the 2UE microphone, and I’ve been lucky to attract some of the most loyal listeners in radio,” Kerr said.

“I have had a good innings and I wish to thank my audience who have supported me over the years.”