John Safran on Triple J – Will Roy & HG Return?

Not content with just challenging every major deity, controversial tv presenter, John Safran, is set to take on Triple J with a new Sunday afternoon program.

Triple J says the 2-5pm program will be “… irreverent, challenging, intelligent, tasteless and unconventional – all words you will find in the thesaurus when you look up ‘John Safran’ …”

While the appointment is short term, at this stage, the shift might become permanent, amid ongoing uncertainty over whether other commitments will prevent Roy and HG returning to the slot later this year to present their long running and popular show, ‘This Sporting Life’.

The national youth network says Safran’s first ‘sermon’ this Sunday (19 September) in the ‘church of Triple J’ will ‘altar everything you ever thought about radio’.

His current tv series is ‘John Safran vs God’ on SBS. Safran first rose to fame in 1997 as the audience favourite in the hit ABC series, ‘Race Around the World’. Since then, he has produced ‘John Safran’s Music Jamboree (which won two AFI awards – Best Comedy Series and Most Innovative Program Concept).