Jones fails to win Ernie and off-delay BLOOPER AUDIO

The 12th annual Ernie awards for sexist behaviour have been awarded and, despite an excellent entry, 2GB’s Alan Jones has failed to win a gong in the face of some very strong competition.

Jones was in the running for this contribution: “I have the view that people ought to decide for themselves who should be members of their clubs. If they don’t want to have women, well, who cares? Go somewhere else.”

The Ernies are awarded each year for sexist language and ‘honour’ many media identities.

Alan Jones watchers also had a chuckle this week when the 2GB breakfast host demonstrated the pitfalls of not being in delay when taking calls from listeners telling jokes.

Click here to listen.

Alan has a chuckle at blue blooper.

This year, a Tooheys beer commercial in which male fans offer their sisters as a trade off for a rugby win won the Gold Ernie – the Oscar of offensive behaviour.

John Howard, Liberal MP, Jackie Kelly, Bulldogs NRL chief, Malcolm Noad, and Australia Post were also decorated for their sexist blunders.

Other Ernie award nominees this year were:

Australian Idol judge, Ian Dickson, told Paulini to “choose more appropriate clothing or shed a few pounds”.

The Herald’s Miranda Devine: “The fatal flaw of The Stepford Wives … is that Nicole Kidman plays an urban power bitch so well you can quite understand why her husband and kids would want to replace her with a robot.”

AFL Swans’ star, Adam Goodes, won the Good Ernie for saying his mother was his inspiration and taking her to the Brownlow Medal dinner.