Jonesy and Amanda number 1*

* That’s equal number one FM breakfast show, which is really not number one overall because Alan Jones is number one AM breakfast and, because AM and FM are surveyed together, 2GB is number one station overall so Alan is number one breakfast overall… but anyway Jonesy and Amanda are only equal number one FM with the other number one FM KIIS, which is really equal number three breakfast show overall.
Is it all clear now… no complaints?
OK, on with the story.
After Alan Jones and Ray Hadley’s outbursts about the inaccuracy of newspaper survey reporting (see our earlier story, especially the amusing Hadley audio), Jonesy and Amanda had a little fun with the fact that they did so well, when they made this week’s show promo.
The promo for Jonesy & Amanda’s new #1 show* was put together by WSFM’s David Post. Have a listen.


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