Jonesy and Amanda score roles in international soapie

This morning on air WSFM’s Jonesy & Amanda revealed they had landed the coveted roles of ‘Reporter 1’ and ‘Reporter 3’ in an upcoming episode of The Bold & The Beautiful.
Jonesy & Amanda filmed the scene this morning, they both had speaking parts, but not before Amanda gave Jonesy a bit of a hard time about the trouble he always has remembering lines. “You are the worst at this,” she said jokingly after he couldn’t deliver the lines he had been learning for the filming.
Amanda is a huge fan of The Bold & The Beautiful and besides being “chuffed” that she would be appearing in a scene, she gave Jonesy a rundown of all the characters, who they are married to and their general history. 
It was all in good fun, with Jonesy quick to point out this isn’t his acting debut having played a reporter in Fat Pizza and appearing in Swift and Shift Couriers.

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