Jonesy and Amanda working overtime

WSFM‘s morning presenter Lars Peterson was stuck in traffic and was late to the studio today, so WSFM’s dynamic duo Jonesy & Amanda stayed on air to fill in until he arrived.
Excited to be stepping in as the ‘A Team’ – but actually later realising they were more like the ‘C Team’ when it came to who was actually available to fill in – Jonesy & Amanda launched into action.
Taking advantage of the opportunity, Amanda renamed the after 9am show Amanda & Jonesy and was reading weather, forward selling songs with Lars calling in from the car to give a live traffic report. 
After a bit of off-air ‘DJ schooling’ from Jonesy, Amanda – or DJ Mounce as she is also known – was in her element and a little disappointed when Lars burst into the studio to take back the microphone.


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