Joy ‘humbled’ by response to bomb threat

LGBTI community station Joy 94.5 Melbourne has thanked its listeners for their support following a bomb threat yesterday that caused the station to be evacuated.

The station received a threat via email, and the studios were evacuated according to the station’s emergency response plan.

JOY remained on-air throughout and the building was cleared by Victoria Police for volunteers to return.

The station has noticed an increased number of threats since the marriage plebiscite has been announced.

Commenting on the bomb threat today, a station spokesperson said:

Despite the serious nature of events earlier this week – we have been humbled by the support we have received.

It is evident that there is a significant amount of respect and appreciation for the work our organisation does and the service we provide to the LGBTI communities of Melbourne and beyond.

For 23 years JOY has been providing a platform and a voice for expression and a connection to community.

JOY would like to thank Victoria Police for their outstanding support with this incident and we are committed to working together to educate broader society and break down isolation whilst celebrating our culture,  achievements and pride.

There are times in life where the words, “Thank you,” are simply not enough to convey the level of gratitude that we have.

Your support continues to keep us OUT LOUD and PROUD

It is business as usual at the station today, despite an increased level of nervousness about whether threats will continue.

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