Jules Lund forced to spend a night in the Big Brother house in Blackout Challenge

As part of 2Day FM Breakfast’s latest Blackout Challenge, co-host Jules Lund was blindfolded and flown all the way from Sydney to Queensland, and forced into the Big Brother house!

After having his senses blocked out for over seven hours, Jules was shocked at his new surroundings, which included other ‘housemates’ who certainly didn’t hold back – with Jules telling co-hosts Merrick Watts and Sophie Monk“The next thing you know, everyone’s in the shower and girls are getting naked…” and “I’m smart enough to have a filter system, I was in there all of 15 minutes before all my natural sleazy comments started coming out”.

But it didn’t end there! The following morning, Big Brother decided to make Jules believe he was going LIVE to air on 2Day FM Breakfast to recount his experience so far. After starting to suspect it was a trick, Jules said to Big Brother: “Were you pretending? Was I not on air? Because I’ll feel like an absolute idiot!”
Upon leaving the house, Jules said: “That was the BEST Blackout Challenge I have ever, ever, ever experienced. You can be anxious in there because you can just start to crack. Being out of control is the freaky bit, just something simple like turning on the shower.”


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