MIX FM gets high On-Air

On Monday morning, 92.7 MIX FM reached new heights, literally, and set the record for a Sunshine Coast first.

Caroline Hutchinson and the MIX FM team were the first Breakfast Show and radio station, to broadcast live from the top of the Mt. Coolum, at an elevation of 208 meters.

The record setting broadcast coincided with the first day of Spring.

Joined for the climb to the top by listeners from 5am, the excitement set in for sunrise, then again when MIX FM’s $1,000 Minute went off, live from the top of Australia’s second largest rock.

Through the Telstra 4G network, the show was broadcast in high quality audio, live via an iPhone. It sounded like they are in the studio, but that studio was the Sunshine Coast icon Mt. Coolum.

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