Jules, you know everyone’s F^@&ed Off

In a video send-up of their original 2Day FM breakfast team ad, a leaked video shows the last two reamining members of 2Day’s breakfast parodying the original launch ad.

As Jules and Merrick dance their way through Sydney landmarks in animal suits, the dialog goes like this:

“Hey Jules, you know everyone’s F—ed off.”

“You’re kidding. What are we gonna do?”

Then Merrick walks off in his gorilla suit and Jules, in his chicken suit says “keep dancing, keep dancing, we don’t wanna look like idiots!”

The original video introduced the team of four dancing their way through Sydney streets to the music of Pharrel Williams’ song Happy.

The leaked video is below.

Stay tuned to radioinfo this afternoon, when there may be some more news to reveal about the Today network.


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