Just in time for Father’s Day

You may be familiar with the #ANGRYDAD YouTube phenomenon – two  Melbourne boys who constantly prank their Dad with a furious (and very funny) reaction every time.
The Angry Dad YouTube hits and social media followers have skyrocketed, from 1 million views to almost 7 million views plus over half a million social media fans.
Angry Dad hates the attention and simply wants it to go away, but swore he wouldn’t take revenge on his boys.
But in celebration of Father’s Day this weekend… Angry Dad has with the help of KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O.
 And here’s how it rolled out…
 Kyle & Jackie O and the KIIS team worked with Angry Dad Mark by pretending to ask them to take part in a screen test for a new prank show that Foxtel had in development.
KIIS flew them all to Sydney and set the scene by having the boys read their lines to camera while Dad watched from our control room. When it was time for dad to read his lines, Dylan and Mitchell were led to the control room to watch dad from a TV monitor.
While dad Mark was reading his lines, a fake studio camera fell from the roof, catching alight and setting Dad’s upper body on fire. But this was a stunt KIIS had recorded the day before.
The boys fell for it hook, line and sinker and raced toward the studio where Dad was covered in a fire blanket, only to reveal that it was all a big stunt, and there was in fact NO TV show.


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