K Rock brings Eurovision to Geelong

Few international singing contests speak to Krock’s brekkie duo Tom Lewis and Sarah Maree Cameron like Eurovision.
The two announcers have made a habit of getting out of the studio and up on stage to strut their stuff since Cameron joined the team in January.
This month, the (Euro-pop) stars aligned when both the official Eurovision competition kicked off in Portugal and ‘Song Contest: The Almost Eurovision Show’ kicked off in the equally exotic locale of Geelong.
The temptation to get involved proved too great and so this week, Tom and Sarah Maree lived their dream of taking the stage at Eurovision.
Representing their adopted nation of Sweden, the two donned Lycra, sequins, rhinestones and whatever else they could get their hands on before delivering a stirring rendition of “I Wanna Save The World” to rapturous applause from both the back-of-house staff and the three other random people that were in GPAC during the middle of the day.
Director Kai was suitably impressed, saying, “If I had’ve known that talent like that existed in Geelong, I would’ve put in some more calls before casting.”
Sarah Maree, who has a history in both musical theatre and dance, said: “I fell in love with Eurovision at a young age and I fell in love with Sweden the moment I walked through the door this morning. I think that really translates in our performance.”
Tom said: “I do a routine like this most weekends in the kitchenware section at IKEA so it all came to me pretty naturally.”
Jess Mauboy will need to be on top of her game if she wants to beat Tom and Sarah Maree in Eurovision 2018.

Watch the video… if you dare.


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