K-Rock’s Hunter McLeod: “I have a job to go to…”

K-Rock’s GM Andy Mathers has confirmed Hunter McLeod has resigned from the station.
“For the sake of clarity, I can confirm Hunter McLeod resigned via e-mail … which I have accepted. Although very surprised to receive Hunter’s resignation, we do wish her well for her future endeavours.”
Kim Napier caught up with Hunter to find out why.
“I’ve decided to walk away for many reasons – My partner works in Melbourne and he was leaving the house at 4am for a 5am start which was becoming too taxing on him. It’s not just about my partner’s job but that is one of the factors for sure. I miss Melbourne and I was feeling like I wasn’t the correct fit for the company anymore.” 
When radioinfo caught up with you and Josh Buckle in August you appeared happy with the direction the show was taking.
“I loved working with Buckle and hope to again someday! We are a great fit on-air and its a shame other factors have come into play. We really were on a good thing (not that I’m a PD but I know we would make a great development show!).”
Hunter’s plan is to start packing for the move back to Melbourne and when asked if she was frightened about heading off to another city without work there was a surprise revelation.
“I have a job to go to… just not the right time to discuss it. It will surface in a few weeks I’m sure!”
Apart from starting the next chapter in “radio land” Hunter also plans to finish off flying training.
“I have been chipping away at flying training for the last 3 years. It’s a slow process and I doubt I’ll ever land a job on a 747 but I would love to finish my commercial soon and be able to fly scenic flights or something on the side. It is the best feeling in the world and everyone needs a hobby right!?”
Pretty cool hobby!
How did management react to your decision?
“Andy has been very professional and supportive. It was a scary call to make but I am glad I made it and it was only a recent choice I had to make.”
Hunter also denies being stalked by a Tasmanian man alongside Sophie Monk in 2014 has anything to do with her leaving Geelong.
“…that’s all in the past and no that wasn’t a factor.”
I really wish K-Rock all the best and look forward to the next lot of talent to come through.”

Kim Napier

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