K rock’s Tom & Sarah Maree on stage at Priscilla The Musical

The pair remain hopeful of joining the cast on a permanent basis. 

After seeing ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert the musical’ on opening night at the Regent Theatre in Melbourne, K rock’s Fresh Daily duo Tom & Sarah Maree wanted to get in costume and on stage with the cast.

The pair then spent some time convincing management they weren’t going to make fools of themselves.

Sarah Maree thought it was a no brainer ‘We would jump at the opportunity to get up there and douse our heads in glitter along with some of the cast,’ while Tom pleaded, ‘This is bucket list dream kind of stuff and if it happens I may quit my day job and join the theatre.’

The co-hosts made it happen and joined Priscilla’s assistant Dance Captain, Danielle for some training ahead of their big stage moment.

Sarah Maree is still washing the glitter out of her hair and Tom is holding onto hope that he is asked to join the cast on a permanent basis. 

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