Kate stiches up Dave again

Dave Hughes is making news today not only for admitting he peed in a hotel pool but he’s been pranked again by his on-air partner Kate Langbroek.

The national KIIS network’s ‘Hughesy’ has been the butt of many pranks and jokes over the years from Kate but this time she got some inspiration from his old friend Peter Helliar. 

The Project TV host yesterday launched a children’s book entitled “Frankie Fish … And The Sonic Suitcase” which is about a boy who pranks people and Kate saw this as the perfect opportunity to prank Hughesy after he didn’t read the book in preparation of the segment.

Unbeknownst to Hughesy when he was preparing for the Helliar interview on the Hughesy and Kate show, he was given a fake book which he thought was called “Frankie Fish And The Sexy Suitcase” about a girl who has her first intimate experience with Olly the Octopus.

Peter Helliar pretended to be offended that Hughesy had the book all wrong despite knowing the whole time that he was being pranked.
Over the past 15 years, Kate has pranked Hughesy consistently and elaborately.

  • Replacing his weight loss protein shake powder with a high calorie meal replacement powder
  • Wallpapering his bedroom with Collingwood Football Club wallpaper
  • Giving him seafood chowder that was actually cat food
  • Serving him avo toast that was actually entirely wasabi
  • An excruciating radio phone interview with a Montreal station for Hughesy’s stand up show… where the awful interviewers were actually Kate and Matt Tilley.


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