Katie and Andy have found that natural chemistry that makes breakfast work

Natural chemistry in a brekky duo is hard to come by, but when listening to Katie & Andy, the brekky hosts on 94.9 Power FM, it is the first thing you notice.
They sound like they’ve been friends for years, despite only being on air together since August.
It was their banter in the kitchen, laughs in the hallway and stories shared side by side in their office that was noticed by CD Greg Clark, who decided to bring them together on brekky and see if that natural spark translated to the airwaves.
And it absolutely did.
Greg says, “Katie and Andy have that rare quality of a natural rapport – a chemistry that gels. Be it a story arc or a station liner or rave, they have the ability to do a talk break that comes across as very casual but in actual fact is crafted to engage the target and nail the maintenance one percentages.”
Tuning into their show it is vibrant, quirky and engaging, a little like pulling up a seat at the pub with 2 good friends and having one hell of a catch up.
The pair say that Hamish & Andy and Jase & PJ are huge influencers, and they share that same mutual appreciation, always poking fun with wit, sarcasm and respect.
Katie says, “Listeners often ask if Andy and I went to school together, because it sounds like we’ve been mates for years – we LOVE hearing that! I’m 10 years older than him, so either I’m a tad baby-faced or poor Ando isn’t doing too well with those early brekky alarms!.
“’It’s just so brilliant waking up each morning and knowing that from 5am, when I walk in the door at work, a lol is only moments away!”   





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