Nova plays the most music, Triple M has the widest range : AirCheck

Over the last four weeks, Gold 104.3 and Triple M Melbourne had the highest crossover, sharing 29.8% of their playlists according to AirCheck Australia data.
During this time Triple M played a wider range of tracks while Tears For Fears’ ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ was the most played song on the two stations with 47 spins.

Comparing the CHR stations, Nova100 and KIIS101 had the highest crossover with 28.7% of all songs played heard on both stations.
Nova100 v KIIS101 and Fox v KIIS101 had very similar crossovers, both sharing almost 28% of their playlists.

‘Dance Monkey’ by Aussie Tones and I was the most played song across the three stations, earning 513 spins during this time, meanwhile Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber’s ’10,000 Hours’ was the most played song in Melbourne with support from smoothfm pushing the song out in front with a total of 528 spins.

Nova100 played the most music during this time, with a total of 8755 instances, meanwhile Triple M aired the widest range of music with 1,389 different songs played.




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