Keep the vampires of boredom away

… with a live Halloween Listening Party.

For the fourth year running, an APRA licensed pop-up radio station will run online for a week, with a live broadcast on Halloween. Produced by horror fan Iain Wilson, expect horror and Halloween-themed music, featurettes on director George A. Romero, and a look at the origin of Halloween itself. 

In addition, Iain has partnered with the Community Radio Network this year, and the Halloween Listening Party is available (including two hours of scary music and horrible tales) for stations to download for their own use, or put live to air via CRN on Tuesday 31 October. Hear a preview here

Iain told the CBAA that he started streaming the live show online in 2014 from his garage. ‘It was mostly friends from work who were listening, but I realised how much fun it was to have people giving me feedback as it’s happening, but also that this would be a great way to concentrate all of my interests into the one event.’ 

Iain names John Harrison’s score for the Romero film Creepshow as his favourite horror soundtrack, believes Jason would beat Freddy in a fight, and has never seen a ghost. 

Head here to get in touch with Iain. 

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