Keith Urban accepts apology from Hit Central QLD breakfast host

It all started when Tim Bolch declared his hatred for Urban’s song, The Fighter.

Hit Central Queensland’s Tim & Jess have had a competition resolved by country music star Keith Urban. 

Breakfast presenter Tim Bolch declared his hatred for Urban’s song, The Fighter, and would regularly make fun of it on air. However, he loved the new song Parallel Lines. 

With that in mind, it was decided that co-host Jess Pantou would be given 100 days to get Urban on the show so Tim could apologise to him for all the negative things he’d said about The Fighter. 

‘I thought he owed Keith and apology,’ said Jess. ‘We started to work our way up to getting Keith on the show. We asked multiple guests for his details including Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Guy Sebastian and Samantha Jade.

‘When I got to 82 days, I was given to day 100 to track him down, otherwise the listeners will decide my punishment. Then on day 99, I surprised Tim when Keith was on the line ready for an apology…’

‘I’m glad we all finally got to talk, and I’m glad you like Parallel Lines,’ said Urban.

‘Keith I am very sorry, that myself and your song with Carrie Underwood didn’t get along … I apologise for verbally bad-mouthing The Fighter for two years.’

”You’re a big man to do that, Tim.’

Listen to the full apology below.


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