KIIS 1065’s winner of the world’s best job

Australian Radio Network has appointed Pedro Cuccovillo Vitola to the Kyle & Jackie O producer team following their World’s Best Job competition.
Kyle & Jackie O were looking for someone with the X Factor to join their team at KIIS 1065 – and thanks to Channel 7’s X Factor it was a job interview like no other.
Since they announced on-air they were looking for a new producer KIIS 1065 was flooded with applications from hopefuls who wanted to land the world’s best job.
But there could only be one winner, and Kyle & Jackie O chose Pedro to be their new producer. 

Of landing his dream job Pedro (left) said: “I’ve been a long time listener of The Kyle and Jackie O Show and to actually work with them is an opportunity of a lifetime. I hope to really impress and make the most of this incredible opportunity”.
Kyle & Jackie O welcomed Pedro to his new role and gave him some tips on what his future holds: “It’s all work and no play,” Jackie joked to Pedro on-air. 
“The only people who have fun around here are me and Jackie,” Kyle bantered. 

Choosing the right person for the job was tough but after much difficulty, four finalists were chosen – Mitch, Frankie, Pedro and Intern Pete’s Mum, Helen – and put through their paces on air last week to see who truly had the X Factor.

The daily challenges tested their resourcefulness, commitment, and creativity.
From organising a celebrity to call into the Kyle & Jackie O Show (Pedro managed to get Victoria’s Secret model Shanina Shaik on the phone), critiquing Kyle & Jackie’s on air work, creating a new and fun listener competition and taking a call from Kyle & Jackie at 2am each finalist was put through their paces to see if they had the X Factor. 

But it all came down to Friday’s ultimate test – the blow Kyle & Jackie’s Mind Challenge. 
Frankie created Kyle and Jackie gelato flavours – Coffee and Kit Kat for Kyle, Mango and champers for Jackie.

Pedro thought he’d solved a 16-year mystery and found the transgender prostitute Kyle hooked up with, unfortunately it wasn’t her.

Mitch spoke to the CEO of Eagle Boys, Kyle’s favourite pizza company and had the boundary extended to include Kyle’s house so he can finally have his favourite pizza home delivered. Mitch also organised a direct line to the pizza shop so that Kyle could order pizza anytime for the rest of his life.
Pedro, who currently works in a government office, will start work at KIIS 1065 on October 31.

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