KIIS 97.3 Kip Wightman’s baby news

Brisbane’s KIIS 97.3 breakfast host Kip Wightman announced on air that he and partner Nyomie Essa were expecting a baby after failing a lie detector challenge with co-host Robin Bailey.


Wightman discovered lie detecting technology that uses eye movement to detect whether someone is telling the truth or not. A week after putting Bailey to the test, where she was asked things like who her favourite child was, she got her own back this morning. Wightman’s eyes got very shifty when asked about the idea of having more children eventually explaining, “the reason that there was a high cognitive load was because Nyomie is pregnant.” 

Wightman said later: “I remember thinking a few weeks after we found out Nyomie was pregnant, I wonder how I’ll tell Robin. This wasn’t on the list of options hah!”

Essa added: “I’m glad I told mum last week because she’s always listening to the show! It’s nice it’s out now because we are so excited!”

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