Kiss FM followup

Following up last week’s story on Kiss FM, AMT has more information about the station. Kiss FM is a narrowcast network transmitting from a grid network of five transmitters in Sydney on 87.6 FM, sixteen across Brisbane and the Gold Coast on 87.8 FM and eight across Perth on 88.0 FM. “We are currently negotiating to obtain more licenses across major metropolitan areas in Australia,” says the station.

The Sydney transmitters are located in Mosman, Chatswood, Maroubra, Kings Cross and Darling Harbor. The Kings Cross transmitter has been relocated to the Millennium building which will ensure that our coverage in the surrounding area is greatly improved. Kiss is also installing new decoders and upgrading from ISDN lines to Satelites.

The station uses production facilities at SMA’s THX studio. The Kiss FM brand is synonymous with Dance Music world wide.