Klotz restructure leaves stations temporarily without Aussie support

Customers of Klotz Australia have recently been worried by the sudden lack of response from the company’s Australian office. Phones and emails have gone unanswered in past weeks according to our sources. In a response to radioinfo questions, the company’s German head office has revealed that, as part of a restructure (as reported earlier), Australia will now be handled mainly from Malaysia.


Munich based Klotz Digital AG spokesperson Armin Woods says Australia has been combined into the company’s Malaysian business operations, a separate business unit from the main German operation. The Australian end of the operation appears to have been closed down already, but, because of complexities in Malaysian company law, there has been a delay in activating the new company out of Malaysia. Eventually a new office will be reopened in Sydney.


Woods has told radioinfo in an email from Germany:


“We are very sorry for inconveniences you are suffering due to our company re-grouping. Klotz Digital AG in Munich is under new ownership since September 2009. There have been some turbulences but since the beginning of 2010 we are doing well again regarding sales and financial stability.

“As you probably know, due to Malaysian business regulations, Klotz Digital MY (to which Klotz Digital AU is directly connected to) is partly owned by MY investors and a separate business unit. Therefore the re-grouping of Klotz Digital MY/AU took more time. Also having our AG CEO Dr. Andreas Gruettner signed up as Klotz Digital MY/AU board member was far more complex and time consuming than expected.

“Unfortunately in the meantime we here at Klotz Digital AG Munich had very limited strategic and financial influence on the Klotz Digital MY/AU business. “We are now at the verge of having Dr. Gruettner signed up as a Klotz Digital MY/AU board member. As this happens (a matter of days), we will re-establish our offices in KL and Sydney, like they have been in the past, with the majority of staff members you have been communicating with. Please once more accept our apologies for any inconveniences.”


The company restructure referred to was covered in an earlier radioinfo story, see link below.