Kyle and Jackie call Triple M over road rage incident

…then hang up on bunch of “attacking seagulls.”

KIIS 1065’s Kyle & Jackie were on the hunt for a man in a red commodore who had a bout of road rage against Jackie as she was driving to work.

They put the call out to try to find the guy and discuss why he was angry.

After taking some calls from bogus listeners on their search, the radio duo considered that their perpetrator may have been a Triple M listener, so decided to call the station direct.
In a funny conversation with their radio rivals from the Triple M Grill team, heard live to air on both stations, they proceeded to joke and banter with each other, catching up like old friends.
A flurry of laughter can be heard down the phone line as Triple M put through a caller claiming to be the road rage guy, but Jackie was left with no answers as the caller again turned out to be a fake.
The segment ended with Kyle having to hang up the phone as he felt he was “getting attacked by seagulls at the beach” because of The Grill team’s laughter.

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