Kyle and Jackie O on regrets, relationships and criticism

KIIS 1065’s Kyle & Jackie O sat down for a (very revealing) chat with’s entertainment editor-at-large Melissa Hoyer as part of her On The Couch series.
Nothing was off limits as Kyle & Jackie chatted regrets, relationships, copping criticism, chucking sickies and being completely honest about how much they keep an eye on radio ratings.
See the video here

There will be more videos from their couch chat rolling out over the coming week too. 
Highlights include: 

Kyle talking ratings:  “I always prefer to be number one but there are some ups and downs throughout the year” 
Kyle on the haters:  “I don’t mind what they say about me … But if it is detrimental to someone else, if it’s like offensive or rude or is about friends, girlfriends, parents or colleagues, that’s when I get angry.”
On their realtionship: Kyle says he finds Jackie very entertaining because she is the polar opposite to him. 
On keeping it real: Jackie says their successful work partnership would not exist if it wasn’t for a long standing friendship. “I think people enjoy the ‘real’ side of the show. If we have a fight we have a fight, if you’re in a bad mood you just say it and I think they can tell when it is real and that is what makes it work.”

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