Kyle and Jackie reunite mum and daughter

This morning on KIIS 1065, Kyle and Jackie O got a little teary when they helped a grandmother organise a secret reunion with her daughter and young grandchildren.

In a heart warming example of the power of commercial radio, the pair set up which a suspenseful and compelling piece of radio to end the week before going on survey break. They also managed to integrate the sponsor, British Airways well into the event.

Lynsey, 33,  is from Ireland.  She is extremely close to her mother and sister, but when she met the man of her dreams on a holiday to Manly seven years ago Lynsey made the difficult decision to follow her heart and start a life in Australia.
Now a married mother of three, Jonah aged 3 & twin girls Ariel & Aria aged 2, Lynsey speaks with her mother on the phone all the time but the women can’t bring themselves to Skype because they miss each other so much that it is too emotionally draining.
Lynsey hasn’t seen her mother, Alice, who lives in Belfast, since her twins were born. The family has worked hard to save money and organsie trips to see each other, but it has been a very difficult time.
But when Kyle and Jackie heard that Alice would miss the twin’s second birthday, and hasn’t seen her only grandchildren in years they decided to do something about it. With the help of British Airways, they secretly flew Alice out to Australia to reunite this young family in time for the twins’ birthday party.

Lynsey was invited into the Kyle and Jackie O Studio this morning to chat on air about families who are separated by distance. Kyle and Jackie got Lindsay’s mum on the phone and while they were chatting surprised her in the studio and reunited the family. Lindsay brought in her husband and twins. Alice brought in her sister-in-law (Mary) who came over from the UK with her.


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