Kyle & Jackie O give hero dad a dream surprise

Husband and wife Chris and Kellie Dodd were enjoying a typical afternoon with their two daughters, Ella (4) and Ava (2) but in a split second everything changed when a tragic accident unfolded. 
After returning from an outing, Kellie was taking daughter Ava out of the car when the handbrake failed and the car began rolling down the family driveway towards Chris and Ella. 
With only moments to spare Chris managed to up Ella and get her out of harm’s way, only to find himself trapped under the car for 90 minutes.
Since the accident in October, Chis has undergone a number of surgeries for his injuries, which includes a broken pelvis, hip and back fractures. Though these injuries would be difficult for anyone to overcome, Chis is also a competitive high jumper (ranked #4 in Australia) and doesn’t know if he will ever be able to compete again. 
To help this hero dad and remarkable family, Kyle & Jackie O had a retaining wall built at the end of their driveway to prevent anything like this ever happening again and is sending the family all the way to Rio to watch the Olympic games.

Watch how it unfolded.


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