Kyle & Jackie O set up a very lucky family for life

On Friday KIIS 1065’s Kyle & Jackie O set one lucky couple up for life, giving away the stations biggest ever competition prize, a brand new four-bedroom home, new car and $30,000 worth of furniture.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation when The Kyle & Jackie O Show kicked off at 6am, broadcasting live from Julia Reserve in Oran Park Town, with hundreds of listeners gathered, armed with their prize keys, expecting the unexpected and already in the mood to party with Australia’s biggest radio show.

Listeners have been competing to win keys on-air since January and this morning each waited eagerly to see if they held the winning key to the life-changing prize.

The lucky winners were two teachers, Jessica and Brandon Kattic from Colyton, NSW. Jessica had won five keys and after her first two failed to open the door on site, she put her third key in and an explosion of streamers and confetti went off as the shocked pair instantly became brand new homeowners.

Kyle Sandilands says, “Last time we set somebody up for life it was back in 2019 and it was epic. The atmosphere today has been electric and everyone was in the mood to party. It’s a massive giveaway and I’m excited that we were able to do it again!”  

 “This is a life changing prize and it feels so good to be saving a lucky person the worry of a mortgage or paying rent. I love that we can make a positive difference in somebodies life,” Jackie O added.

Jessica said of the moment she realised they’d won, “It was complete shock, honestly it still feels like a dream.”

Brandon described what the prize means to them, “This will give us a life. We have been struggling, we are currently living with our baby daughter in one bedroom in my mum and dad’s house and this feels like a second chance at life.”

KIIS 1065 partnered with Wisdom Homes and Oran Park Town to give away a brand new home in Sydney’s South West, complimented by a BYD Atto 3 electric car ready in the driveway and $30,000 worth of furniture from April & Oak.



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