Kyle unloads on 2day

As ever, Kyle Sandilands didn’t hold back when speaking to WHO magazine in an interview in their current “Best and Worst of 2013” issue.

Talking about the move to Kiis 106.5 he said “We really had to say, ‘Do we still want to be with these dorks, or do we move on to something better?’”

Not known for his subtlety, Kyle has no doubts about about the move to the as yet untried new station that’s currently being challenged by a Melbourne dance music station as to whether they can even call themselves Kiis Fm.

“We’ve made the greatest move ever,” says Kyle, who has been named alongside Jackie O as one of Australia’s “Most Intriguing People” in WHO’s year-end Best and Worst of 2013 issue. “A big, history-making move—there’s no regrets.”

Understandably, Southern Cross Austereo are taking a similar position about Kyle and Jackie leaving, saying it opens up all sorts of new possibilities that would not have been possible if the controversial breakfast team had stayed.

In an interview yesterday, 2day Network Head of Content Dave Cameron told radioinfo “No doubt it’s going to be an interesting year. No one’s saying it won’t be tough, but when things change you need to take small risks. We’re under no illusions that there will be lots of hard work, but it’s exactly what we want to be doing We are taking this opportunity to find new ways to do new content. We’re paving a new road for the next 5 years. There’s a big buzz internally about all our new changes”.

Another thing an insider tells radioinfo is that there is a certain amount of relief around the corridors at the World Square headquarters  – as some of the ACMA conditions placed on the 2day licence because of the former breakfast show’s antics– are now likely to be removed. 

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