We’re repositioning against an older generation: Dave Cameron

The announcement today that Dan and Maz will front the Today Network’s drive show in 2014 completes a busy few months for Today Network Content Director Dave Cameron. He spoke to radioinfo about plans for the latest “fresh new show.”
radioinfo: What do Dan and Maz have to offer the audience?
Cameron: They have a new unique fresh approach. It’s light hearted smart comedy. They’re very listener inclusive and the audience is craving something new. We are building a new generation which will set us apart.
radioinfo: All the messages coming from the network seem to be about repositioning your station and trying to position your competitor KISS, as being the older generation.
Cameron: Well we have an exciting new show with Dan and Maz. We also have new breakfast shows in Sydney and Melbourne. We’re making similar changes in Perth. So we are repositioning.
It reminds me of 8 years ago when we took a gamble on Hamish and Andy. After just a few months things exploded. I feel the same way now with the new shows we’re about to put on air.
radioinfo: What has been the reaction to Dan and Maz while they have been filling in on breakfast for the past few weeks? What’s the audience telling you?
Cameron: They filled in for breakfast in June and again recently. They also filled in last Christmas. What I see from them whenever we put them in a new slot is that a new audience discovers them and they quickly react to their new sound. They get to like them very quickly.
You can’t over research something like this. You keep your ear to the ground and get a feel for what the audience thinks, and we have had brilliant feedback from the audience.
Sometimes you’ve got to take a dice throw, like we did with Hamish and Andy, but its not all chance, there’s a well worn track from nights to bigger shifts. They have been craving a bigger timeslot for a while and when we felt they were ready, when they had made their mistakes off Broadway, then we were ready to move them up to a bigger shift.
radioinfo: Everyone is trying to work out what will happen to the Sydney market in 2014. Whatever 2Day does on breakfast there will have to be a fall at first. Whatever KIIS does it will take the audience time to make a shift. So that could leave the field open for WSFM or Nova to become the top FM station.
Cameron: No doubt it’s going to be an interesting year. No one’s saying it won’t be tough, but when things change you need to take small risks. We’re under no illusions that there will be lots of hard work, but it’s exactly what we want to be doing.
We are taking this opportunity to find new ways to do new content. We’re paving a new road for the next 5 years. There’s a big buzz internally about all our new changes.
radioinfo: Do Dan and Maz connect to their audience through social media?
Cameron: They’re connected. It’s their world, and social media is the future of radio. We’re really pleased with the way they connect to their audience online and through social media.
radioinfo: Michael Christian went back to mornings on Fox but now is taking on the anchor role for this show. How does he feel about that?
Cameron: He has been doing the anchor role since November and has enjoyed it. You can’t compare a music shift role with a personality show like this, they’re two different types of skill, and Mike is excited about this opportunity.

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