Labor Demands Immediate Replacement of Communications Minister

The Federal Opposition has called on the Prime Minister to appoint a new Communications Minister, after Daryl Williams’ announcement that he will not contest the next election.

Shadow Minister, Lindsay Tanner, says Mr Williams has confirmed himself as a caretaker Minister: “Daryl Williams has been in the job for seven months and has done virtually nothing.

“His most significant announcement, on broadband policy, was just a series of glib platitudes with virtually no new policy.

“The Communications’ portfolio has a large number of challenges, demanding a
Minister committed to outcomes beyond the next election.

“Pay television, broadband access, telecommunications competition and pricing, sports broadcasting, media regulation and public broadcasting are all areas facing huge policy challenges. These issues demand a dedicated Minister.

“Daryl Williams’ media statement listed the Howard Government’s re-election as a priority, before he even mentioned future work in his portfolio.

“Communications has had the world’s worst minister, followed by one who’s already out the door before he’s even settled into his portfolio. The industry and consumer deserve better.”