Last Anzac tribute features:

In memorium to the death of Australia’s last Anzac, Alec Campbell, Australians will pause for one minute’s silence this Friday at 11am.

Following the huge response to last week’s Alec Campbell series, Radiowise has produced further packages to coincide with the Friday tribute.

Radiowise’s Peter Rubinstein told AMT: “Obviously this is a very important moment in the life of this nation, so the usage of our excerpts last week was very high. Most stations and networks featured at least one of the sound files downloaded from this site. They was heard on ABC Radio’s AM program, on community radio and on commercial radio… So with that in mind we have reworked some of our historical material and have done more interviews to offer new features for Friday with a longer and greater range of material.”

The features will be offered in various durations and in different styles which are suitable for AM talk, heritage or FM formats. They will include interview segments with Campbell’s wife, children and friends, as well as a historian and an RSL spokesman. The original series was commissioned by the Queensland Anzac Day Commemoration Committee.

Radiowise is working on distribution through community and commercial radio syndication outlets, but stations should contact the company directly to ensure they receive a dub.

Most segments are too large to be offered on this site in mp3 format, so contact Toni Maxwell or Peter Rubinstein to arrange a copy. Call 02 9438 4000.

The original series of short grabs is still available.