Laws Stands by Jones Claims

2UE’s John Laws is standing by accusations that fellow broadcaster, Alan Jones politically interfered in the reappointment of David Flint as ABA Chairman.

Laws claimed on yesterday’s 2UE morning show that Jones told him at a dinner party in November 2000 he had instructed John Howard to reappoint Professor Flint.

He says Jones warned him not to criticise the Professor: “Alan Jones then went on to say, in fact, ‘I was so determined to have David Flint re-appointed that I personally went to Kirribilli House and instructed John Howard to reappoint David Flint or he would not have the support of Alan Jones in the forthcoming election’.”

Jones and the Prime Minister both deny any such conversation took place.

Speaking on ‘The 7.30 Report’, Laws said he was quoting Jones pretty much verbatim when he made the comments.

He also said five people at the dinner party were witness to Jones’ comments and can verify what he said.

Laws denied any professional jealousy of Jones, saying they disagree only on one thing:

“Well, somebody has asked the question before and I answered it this way – we only really disagree on religion, religious grounds – I refuse to treat him like God”! (Click on the link below for a full transcript of The 7.30 Report interview)